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Avecto is a security software company that sees security as an enabler.

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Watch the video

A proactive modular approach to endpoint security software that protects your operating system, users and corporate data Discover Defendpoint

privilege management

Regain control over admin rights. Our flexible privilege management module assigns privileges to apps, not users, to protect the operating system.


Protect your software environment. Use our app control module to easily block unauthorized applications, defending against targeted attacks.


Safeguard your corporate data. Our sandboxing module isolates untrusted web activity and places it into a secure container, capturing web-borne threats.

Introducing defendpoint

Whatever your goal, we
can help you find the best solution.

Privilege Guard is evolving. Introducing Defendpoint.

Defendpoint is the new name for Avecto’s endpoint security software, encompassing privilege management, application control and sandboxing.

Avecto Case Study
The team at Avecto have been extremely supportive throughout the implementation, are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, both from a technical and user behaviour perspective. PwC SwitzerlandChief Information Security Officer

Avecto + You

Doing more with least privilege

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Proven expertise and credentials

Very professional organisation providing a much-needed security solution.
Good product, feature set has progressed nicely through the years.
I have been very pleased with the high standard of communications and support at all levels.
Customer feedback from Microsoft C-Sat Survey, September 2014 About Avecto + You