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The Least Risk
Windows 7 Desktop

Our goal at Avecto is to enable you to embrace a Windows 7 desktop architecture where all users logon with standard user privileges. Privilege Guard policies empower users to perform their day to day roles by elevating all the applications and operating system features a user needs, without compromising the integrity and security of the corporate systems. Combined with powerful application whitelisting and configurable end user messaging, Privilege Guard gives you the tools needed to deliver the least risk Windows 7 desktop.

Management, privilege and endpoint security posture

Security Posture

Source: Gartner Making the Most of Windows 7 Security, dated 24th August 2010 – Dan Blum

TCO analysis from GartnerRead More

  • Maximum risk occurs when users are given admin rights and do not regularly connect to the domain
  • Even when users receive regular group policy updates, have antivirus software, and other controls are in place, the system is at risk because users with admin rights can over-ride these controls

Privilege Guard is the most effective way to deliver the least risk Windows 7 desktop because:

  • All users operate under a standard user account
  • Privileges are assigned to applications and tasks through policy
  • Application whitelisting further protects the environment

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