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Remove privileges,
remove threats

Eliminate admin rights across your entire business

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Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management

Defendpoint combines privilege management and application control technology, making admin rights removal simple and scalable.

Achieve compliance

Many compliance mandates recommend the removal of excess privileges and application whitelisting as best practice strategies for desktop and server security.

Prevent attacks

80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials*. Remove admin rights from all users across desktops and servers and prevent attackers gaining access to your data.

Operational efficiency

All the tools you need to manage an environment without admins. Create a positive user experience that cuts helpdesk tickets and makes maintenance simple.

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450,000 desktops protected at one of the largest American banks

Secure and compliant endpoints, managed by just one person in half a day per month

What Avecto did

"Avecto’s speed of deployment meant we were able to reduce the attack surface overnight. In just 6 months, the software was rolled out across 98% of the estate. All users are now secure without being overly locked down."

Andrew Avanessian, VP Technology

Making over 8 million endpoints secure and compliant

Avecto will work with you on your GDPR project to ensure all employees have just the right level of privilege to perform in their daily job roles. You strike the balance between security and usability, protecting data from privileged escalation attacks and malicious and accidental insider attacks.

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Being secure is about more than just being PCI DSS compliant. Defendpoint helps you meet the requirements faster and more easily than using native tools, allowing you to go above and beyond the basic requirements. Save time and resources when implementing and maintaining strong access controls, including comprehensive audit trails, for PCI DSS 3.2.

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With penalties of up to $50,000 per record, violating the requirements of HIPAA can prove extremely costly. Defendpoint allows you to implement access controls, achieve least privilege and implement application whitelisting to prevent users running unauthorized software.

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Avecto helps organizations to adopt the NIST framework through removal of administrator rights, along with detailed reporting that allows you to track the use of privileges over time. This voluntary standard offers best practice security guidance that helps to assess and improve your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.

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We protect over 1100 global brands

Avecto is one of my favorite security products on the market. I tell everyone to buy it.

- Network Security Engineer, large US construction company

Avecto Defendpoint is simple to setup and simple to run. We’ve been able to give our users back control they lost many years ago, while still having zero end-users as administrators.

- VP Deputy CISO, global asset management company

Now we can keep everyone as a standard user and use Avecto to securely assign privileges directly to the required applications and tasks, which is a huge step forward for our organization.

- CISO, world-leading consultancy firm

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