The power of three.

An integrated endpoint security suite for proactive defense in depth

Watch the video

Watch the video


For enterprises that want to free users from IT limitations and increase endpoint security, Defendpoint provides strength and depth as a tightly integrated modular suite.


privilege management

Regain control over admin rights. Our flexible privilege management module assigns privileges to apps, not users, to protect the operating system.


Protect your software environment. Use our app control module to easily block unauthorized applications, defending against targeted attacks.


Safeguard your corporate data. Our sandboxing module isolates untrusted web activity and places it into a secure container, capturing web-borne threats.

Introducing Defendpoint
What makes defendpoint unique

What makes Defendpoint unique?

Harmonized security

Combining three next generation strategies dramatically increases your overall security posture. By taking a proactive approach, you minimize risk and maximize creativity, profitability and productivity.

Unparalleled user experience

Experience customization like no other, with fully configurable user messages for effective communication and advanced options for handling exceptions.

Flexibility in design

Our flexible role-based approach brings the user’s requirements to the forefront. Defendpoint extends protection to all users, even to sysadmins in the data center, without restricting their essential activities.

Scalable architecture

You can manage Defendpoint via Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy or McAfee ePO, making it scalable across the largest enterprises, with no additional investment in infrastructure.

What makes defendpoint unique
Defendpoint resources

Defendpoint resources

What's New

Our technology is constantly evolving so you stay ahead. Find out what’s new in Defendpoint

Defendpoint resources
Avecto Case Study
The team at Avecto have been extremely supportive throughout the implementation, are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, both from a technical and user behaviour perspective. PwC SwitzerlandChief Information Security Officer

Avecto + You

Demo Defendpoint

See Defendpoint in action

Defendpoint by Avecto uniquely integrates three proactive technologies to stop malware at the endpoint. Watch this short video for a walkthrough of Defendpoint, highlighting the key features and benefits of this revolutionary security solution.

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