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Application Control

Avecto Application control is essential in the prevention of advanced malware. And with tightly-integrated privilege management, the days of complex whitelists based on thousands of hash rules are over.

  • Block unauthorized applications

  • Handle diverse user needs flexibly

  • Defend against zero day and targeted attacks

Why application control?

Defendpoint protects against the biggest area of attack, protecting corporate IP by removing local admin rights and the most dangerous sysadmin privileges. We advocate the removal of admin rights from all users, before layering on your PASM vaulting technology.

Compliance mandates aren’t always easy to meet. We’ll help you get on track.

Defendpoint meets least privilege and identity access management guidelines by removing user / admin privileges and whitelisting trusted applications across all endpoints - even in the data center - while trend reporting and analysis demonstrates compliance with GDPR, SOX, PCI, DSS, NIST, HIPPA and many more.

Learn more about meeting compliance

Don't leave cyber security to chance

Deter insider attacks by giving access to only to the applications, tasks, and scripts users need. And prevent external attacks that rely on trusted applications and elevated privileges to execute malware and move laterally across your network.

Free your users from security barricades

The turn-key Quick Start policy makes automated privilege access achievable overnight. Users operate from the safety of standard user accounts while enjoying the flexibility of admin accounts - all without IT frustration. The single lightweight agent makes deployment and maintenance simple.

Technical benefits of Application Control

Trust-based application whitelisting means that users retain the flexibility they need to be productive while being secure.

  • Take a pragmatic approach

    Gone are the days of complex configurations based on hash rules. A flexible policy engine means you set broad rules based on trust. With these ring-fencing techniques, application whitelisting is achievable across thousands of endpoints. Wizard-based job roles and templates make management simple.

  • Simple to use and manage

    Intelligent rules, simple groups, and pre-built templates ensure a positive impact from day one. System files and folders are automatically protected for easy whitelisting, allowing IT to focus on handling new and unknown applications.

  • Clear, customizable messaging

    Embrace exceptions by setting clear, branded messages to support access to previously unsanctioned software. Tailored options allow you to choose automatic approval for advanced users - protected by full audit trails - or utilize challenge-response codes.

  • Broad set of supported application types

    With support for a broad set of application types, Defendpoint adds the flexibility to cater to the needs of all users and tasks. Whether it's an application, installation, task, or script, Defendpoint handles all your diverse user requirements.

  • Better with privilege management

    By combining application control with privilege management, admin user rights are eliminated and system files and folders are safe to trust. This allows you to focus on unknown or user applications, greatly reducing complexity. A single policy engine means there’s no risk of conflict.

  • Overcome challenges with OS migrations

    An operating system migration is the perfect opportunity to regain control over applications across your estate. Begin with Avecto Quick Start policy and use Defendpoint’s comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to refine policies based on user activity.

  • Patented URL tracking and control

    This unique feature allows an application to be identified based on its download source, so you can apply application whitelisting rules based on software origin or block them altogether. All downloaded applications are tracked so that rules are applied whenever the software is executed.

  • Content control

    By extending the principles of application control to files on disk, you gain precise control over which configurations, directories, and documents are accessible to users. When combined with privilege management, access to privileged files can be granted quickly and easily without needing to assign admin rights to either the user or the application.

Why choose Avecto?

  • Leader in privilege management since 2008

  • Trusted by over 1100 global brands

  • Over 8 million users work productively without admin rights

  • Proven to scale from 100 to 500,000 desktops

  • Integrated desktop and server technology from a single vendor

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