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Content isolation

One of Defendpoint's core capabilities

Content isolation

Defendpoint content isolation contains threats from the internet and email attachments, stopping them from gaining access to your data.

Content isolation is achieved using a unique and lightweight sandbox environment based on native Windows security to separate one user account from another.

The user experience is seamless, with downloads or web viewers automatically contained, preventing any infection from spreading. And with integrated whitelisting capabilities, only trusted applications are allowed to run - automatically stopping all malicious payloads.


  • Isolate all web threats from document downloads, malicious sites and email attachments
  • Protects you from infection hidden inside known and trusted applications like Office documents
  • Malware is prevented from launching, stopping infections before they execute
  • Documents inside the sandbox can still be edited, saved and printed
  • Private data is protected from malware inside the sandbox

Technical features

  • Automatic tracking of downloaded documents ensures they remain isolated every time they are opened
  • Seamless user experience with no productivity impact
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox* web browsers can all be isolated
  • Comprehensive reporting of isolated applications 
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook to isolate email attachments

* Coming soon

What makes it different?

  • Utilizes the established native security of Windows to create isolated containers – trusted for over 20 years to separate user accounts
  • Strict application rules can be applied within the isolated environment, stopping malware at its source
  • No need for high spec hardware 
  • Lightweight and easy to deploy with no reliance on complex virtualized environments

Watch the Defendpoint overview

Play this short video and learn how Defendpoint’s three capabilities combine to protect your endpoints.

Stop all web-based attacks

Content isolation and application control combine to stop malware from launching.