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In the rapidly evolving world of cyber security, attackers are continuously evolving their methods, launching new waves of malware to exploit weaknesses and infect systems. This creates challenges for both vendors and enterprise security teams, who are forced to respond with regular patches and updates. Following several high profile attacks and data breaches in 2014, the spotlight is firmly on security teams to protect their endpoints from increasingly advanced attacks.

With this pressure, security teams face a constant battle and a seemingly impossible compromise to balance risk without restricting user productivity. The key to success is to balance security and user freedom, with a strong security foundation that offers the flexibility needed for a positive end user experience.

This report from the Avecto Malware Labs will analyse some of the key trends within the security landscape, providing recommendations for dealing with some of the biggest threats.

It is difficult to evaluate the security of any system empirically as this would require consideration of all possible attack vectors. No product can claim to provide 100% protection against threats as this would require predicting the future. A more pragmatic approach is to examine the threat landscape to provide a measure of effectiveness.

By reviewing the malware trends of the past 12 months, we are able to examine Defendpoint's layered defenses and how this technology can reduce the risk of such attacks. We will then share technical case studies of common threats, to identify the most effective mitigation strategies.

Threat origins

The Avecto Malware Lab collects malware threats and intelligence from a wide variety of sources. We work with a number of organizations to capture and understand the behaviour of malware with the aim to test and develop our own technologies, as well as raise awareness of current threats. This approach provides valuable insight into how Defendpoint will perform in the real world and not just in a theoretical test environment.

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Download this unique report to learn more about the latest malware threats facing your business and why a solid and proactive endpoint security posture is essential to keep sophisticated hack attacks at bay.