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For years, the Windows OS has been the mainstay of enterprise computing, a common fixture in an ever-changing technology landscape. Though Windows continues to dominate the enterprise market, Apple is taking bigger bites out of its market share as the OS X ecosystem becomes an increasingly popular business choice.

Increasingly though, Macs are showing up in the boardroom and key corporate positions as a premium device. In a recent study, Avecto examined which users within the iGeneration enterprise are most likely to use a Mac on a daily basis. The research indicated that 29% of those who use a Mac for work purposes were members of the board or senior management, 32% worked in development or IT roles and 26% in a sales or marketing capacity. All three of these job roles are likely to have access to highly sensitive corporate data and ultimately offer hackers the keys to the kingdom if their credentials were to be compromised.

The business appetite for Mac devices is growing. Between 2011 and 2014, Apple sold over three million commercial units in the US alone. It's now thought that Apple's share of desktop computers is around 17% and growing by the day. In fact, research suggests that 96% of businesses now support Macs in the workplace.

As Apple continues to make these enterprise gains, Avecto has taken a closer look at the ascendance of Macs in the workplace and the associated challenges this brings. The State of Mac Security Report takes a pulse check of Mac enterprise adoption, examines the reasons behind their increased popularity and crucially, how to overcome the security risks they pose.

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Apple's share of desktop computers is now around 17% and growing by the day. In this report we examine how Apple has managed to take a bite of Windows' market share and reveal which users within the iGeneration enterprise are most likely to use a Mac on a daily basis.