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Why a proactive approach to cyber security pays dividends

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It's commonly accepted that prevention is better than the cure, however, when it comes to information security, we often spend valuable time and resource chasing down cures for infections we could have prevented in the first place. This is the digital equivalent of not washing your hands because you have access to antibiotics. It's costly and will ultimately end in failure.

It's time to take a step back from the hype and look at how we can proactively prevent attacks in the real world. There is a wealth of evidence out there showing that implementing a strategy built on proactive security not only provides the best defense, but is also the most cost effective way to implement cyber security.

Just as is the case with antibiotics, detection technology is not dead, but it cannot be relied upon in isolation. Even the latest advances cannot keep pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape leading to inevitable infection. Adopting a proactive stance allows you to regain control and block, isolate or mitigate the threats at the earliest stage in the attack chain.

In this document we'll walk through the historic pitfalls of security and show why we need to move away from chasing the unknown, to securing the known. We'll then discuss how this shift can be achieved using defense in depth to build secure endpoints, and how this helps us build robust detection and response capabilities on top of secure foundations. This will take us into a discussion around prioritizing solutions and how modern cyber threats are evolving. Finally, we'll walk through the attack chain of some example threats and prove how it’s possible to strike first and defeat them.

Download the full report

It's better to tackle cyber threats head on, with a strategy built on proactive security. A proactive approach pays dividends and our in-depth Prevention is possible whitepaper tells you why, using real examples to demonstrate the benefits.

In this report, we'll show you why it's better to secure the known, rather than chasing the unknown and explain how Defendpoint maps to Gartner's Adaptive Security Architecture.