Find out the benefits of least privilege

94% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities can be mitigated simply by removing admin rights.

Doing so also greatly reduces the risk of losing data, either by cyber attack exploiting privileges, or misuse.

And with least privilege also increasingly a requirement to achieve compliance, there’s even more reason to take action and ensure least privilege across your organization.

Admin rights trends
  • 0 % think IT admins pose the biggest risk to security Avecto
  • 0 % of Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities mitigated by removing admin rights 2016 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report
  • 0 % increase in Microsoft Vulnerabilities since 2013 Avecto

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Achieve least privilege

Defendpoint's privilege management capability ensures minimum impact for end users, for maximum productivity gain.

Working in tandem with application control, this powerful combination makes whitelisting simple - allowing you to assign privileges directly to applications, tasks and scripts to protect the endpoint against attacks that hit the operating system.

Our policy-based approach means rules are assigned to different groups of users, depending on their needs.

Defendpoint effectively stop cyber attacks with low maintenance overheads and implementation costs.

Learn about Defendpoint's capabilities