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Insider threats are a real threat in organizations where users have too much access to systems or data. Arguably the best known case of malicious insider attack is the NSA data breach, when contractor Edward Snowden obtained logins for a number of NSA employees in his role as systems administrator, and then leaked the agency secrets.

Removing admin rights is often cited as the single biggest improvement you can make in improving security, but balancing user freedom is a challenge that many businesses struggle to get right.

  • 0 % insider breaches took months or years to discover Verizon DBIR 2016
  • 0 % attacks are carried out by insiders IBM 2015
  • 0 % think IT admins pose biggest security threat Avecto research 2016

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Defendpoint stops the attack

Defendpoint combines privilege management and application control technology to protect you from accidental or malicious insider threats. It allows you to follow industry best practices recommended by experts such as Gartner, Center for Internet Security and more by protecting the operating system and removing admin rights.

Privileges are assigned directly to applications, tasks and scripts and never to users. Contextual messages replace standard User Account Control prompts to improve communication. And you're protected even in the data center with Defendpoint for Servers, with even Sysadmins running as standard users.

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Featured webinar

Expert webinar: Defeating the inside hacker

With live demos and real examples, Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho will demonstrate how employees with admin rights can easily bypass security controls, turn off your AV and unwittingly introduce malicious applications and malware into your environment.

  • Learn how native flaws in Windows continue to create back doors into your corporate environment
  • Discover how Defendpoint's proactive approach quickly and easily deals with these threats
  • Get the low-down on our annual Vulnerabilities Report
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