The most profitable malware in history

The story of ransomware goes as far back as 1989, but only in more recent years has it really emerged as the malware of choice for cyber criminals.

The emergence of the dark web, ransomware kits and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin make it easier for criminals to achieve profit and anonymity.

It's now the most profitable type of malware in history, with 4,000 demands occurring every day*

*FBI, 2016

  • 3500 new threats a day 2016
  • $ 0 is the average ransom demand Symantec 2016
  • 0 % employees unaware Avecto research 2016

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Defendpoint stops the attack

Defendpoint uniquely combines three technologies to protect you from ransomware. Untrusted content from the internet or email attachments is automatically isolated, so that if an attack does hit, the infection is contained. This secure sandbox has no access to privileges and is completely separated from your data, meaning it cannot be stolen or encrypted.

Defendpoint's application control and privilege management capabilities allow only trusted applications to run, blocking ransomware payloads from executing.

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