Protection from phishing

Social engineering is nothing new, with criminals using psychological manipulation since the days of The Trojan Horse. The most successful and widely used form of attack in the modern day is phishing, with attackers using email to trick users into taking action. Email addresses are easily spoofed, email content appears legitimate and the user is manipulated into opening or downloading a compromised document so that a malware attack can be launched.

  • 0 % fall for phishing emails McAfee experiment 2016
  • 0 % cyber attacks begin with spear phishing email Symantec 2016
  • 0 % increase in phishing sites Q1 2016 APWG 2016

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Defendpoint stops the attack

Be savvy to social engineering and stop malware that starts online.

User education and training is not enough to stop a social engineering attack. Defendpoint is a multi-layered prevention engine that stops cyber attacks, including phishing and other forms of social engineering. Taking a preventative approach, we combine three proactive capabilities that reduce the attack surface and disrupt the attack chain.

Defendpoint isolates untrusted content in a sandbox; a secure environment with no access to user data or privileges. This means data can't be encrypted or stolen - even if a user clicks on a phishing link.

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